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New Ways To Vacation During COVID

  Isolated Trips To Nature                                                Source:  HipCamp Vermont COVID Proofed Vacation Destination Travel COVID-19 has caused major disruptions and damage to the global economy and to global travel.  In response the travel industry is innovating with new forms of travel such as outdoor travel trips, remote lodging and private camps far from COVID infected cities.  It's an attempt at COVID proofing a getaway and includes a great deal of social distancing and hygiene.  As people start to think about travelling again and as we await the new COVID vaccines,  travel companies are innovating with new vacation solutions to distance vacationers from the crowds and COVID.  These are largely vacations into nature and the great outdoors. Hot Trends: Biking, Rowing, Camping and Fishing According to a new survey by McKinsey, 18% of Americans are now spending much more time outdoors including biking and fishing.  Innovation companies are capitalizing on the tre

Renewable Energy by Muscle Power

New Emergency Device Hand Cranked to Generate Power for Key Gadgets Light Saber: Innovative Outdoor Survival Tool The Light Saber outdoor survival technology tool was invented by the Innovation Factory, a US based company that's been making tough tools since 2001.  Their Light Saber delivers limitless power supply to essential gadgets like cell phones by hand cranking it. It's limited only by your muscle power.  It's a portable device that can deliver enough power to charge a cell phone with three minutes worth of hand cranking.  It's designed to help adventurers survive in the outdoors and wilderness areas.  It has an onboard battery that you can charge for the road. Lots of Emergency Tech Included This emergency device has a lot of new tech loaded in. It has a USB generator, emergency strobe lights and sirens, a UV water purifier and a plasma fire starter.  The company calls it an inexhaustible power supply for wilderness survival.  It's live on K

Your Outdoor HoverChair

Hovering Hangouts Source:  Crua Outdoors Innovation in Packable Furniture The HoverChair is packable hanging furniture from the innovative gear company Crua Outdoors, based in County Cork, Ireland.  It's light weight, folds up tiny and is made to hang from a tree or other overhead support.  According to company, it's a super comfortable hangout in the great outdoors. Outdoor Comfort The HoverChair joins a number of new options in packable outdoor furniture.  But the company claims this one is extra comfort innovation.  It weighs only 3.9 pounds and you can set it up in under a minute.  It includes an air cushioned seat, optional footrest, mesh back, spreader bar and pockets. Gaelic ComfortChair Crua is Gaelic for "forgiving" which in this sense means easy to use.  Crua Outdoors is a global, outdoor gear company with a product line that includes advanced innovation in tents.