New Ways To Vacation During COVID

 Isolated Trips To Nature

                                     Source:  HipCamp Vermont

COVID Proofed Vacation Destination Travel

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions and damage to the global economy and to global travel.  In response the travel industry is innovating with new forms of travel such as outdoor travel trips, remote lodging and private camps far from COVID infected cities.  It's an attempt at COVID proofing a getaway and includes a great deal of social distancing and hygiene.  As people start to think about travelling again and as we await the new COVID vaccines,  travel companies are innovating with new vacation solutions to distance vacationers from the crowds and COVID.  These are largely vacations into nature and the great outdoors.

Hot Trends: Biking, Rowing, Camping and Fishing

According to a new survey by McKinsey, 18% of Americans are now spending much more time outdoors including biking and fishing.  Innovation companies are capitalizing on the trend.  A few examples include the company Row Across the World that offers self-guided rowing tours from Florida, Michigan, Washington and Maine for individual rowers and very small groups. Then, there is HipCamp that manages bookings for more than 300,000 camping sites in the US.  Half of those sites have canvas tents and tree homes that provide social distancing in the outdoors.  These are new, growing travel trends to getaway and avoid COVID, likely to accelerate globally.  This time of year, warmer locations would be most accommodating.  


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