Dutch Students Create e-Car from Waste

 Fully Functional Electric Car Created From Recycled Waste

                     Source:  Technical University of Eindhoven 

A Car Called Luca

22 students at the the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands have built a fully functional electric car from recycled waste.  The waste they used to build the car includes recycled PET bottles, ocean plastics and household waste.  Their purpose is to show the value of waste and how it can be recycled and used to create items of value like an electric car.  This was part of a University project to discover innovative ways that industries can find new uses for the 2.1 billions tons of waste the world generates every year.  The team that created Luca is led by a young woman, project manager Lisa van Etten.


The car is called Luca.  It's a two seat sports car that's totally electric.  The EV can hit 56 mph and has a range of 137 miles on a charge The chassis is made from flax and recycled PET bottles.  The interior is composed of recycled household waste.  The seat cushions are composed of horse hair and coconut.  The car body consists of plastic from TVs, toys and kitchen appliances. Even the car windows and yellow color were produced from recycled waste.  The vehicle has two electric motors, powered by 6 batteries recycled from broken down vehicles. It took the students 18 months to invent and build this incredible electric car with a great green message. 


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