VW's EV Investment Leads Industry

 VW Speeds Production of Small E-Car & Offers e-MiniBuses

                                                Source:  VW

Increasing Green Market Share

VW is significantly expanding and accelerating its electric vehicle model line-up.  It is speeding development of a new, compact e-car that would cost less than $35,800 and be in showrooms as early as 2023.

Electric Station Wagons and Mini-Buses

VW has a lot in the electric works.  In 2020, a new ID.5 crossover will hit the market.  Also in 2021, VW's EV push will go global with the ID.4 SUV being produced in Europe, China and the US.  In 2023, an electric minibus, reminiscent of the hippie-era minibus, will be on the market. Also in 2023, an electric station wagon called the Aero with a range of 435 miles on a single charge will hit the streets.

VW's $86 Billion Electric Investment

Volkswagen is investing $86 billion in electric vehicles and autonomous technology.  That is the global auto industry's largest EV offensive.  It comes at a time of tightening emissions standards in many countries and a growing desire on the part of drivers for vehicles that are emissions free.  As part of the effort, VW is discontinuing some combustion engine models like the Beetle and the Sirocco.  VW expects to gain global market share in Q4 2020 and throughout 2021.


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