Rivian's Hot E- PickUp SoldOut in a Week

 Customers Order Fully Electric Pickup and SUV in Droves

                                        Source:  Rivian

Michigan Based EV Startup Rivian

Before Michigan startup Rivian offered the first edition of its electric pickup truck to the public, it sold out of all of its order reservation spots.  The bidding for the first editions of the R1T e-pickup truck and R1S e-SUV were offered first to people who had put down a $1,000 deposit in the past two years.  The vehicles sold out within a week.  Rivian calls it their Launch Edition.  The R1T will be delivered to customers in June 2021.  The R1S SUV will be delivered in August 2021.

Pre-Ordering for January 2022 Deliveries Opens Today

Rivian is now offering pre-order access to the public on their Adventure and Explore packages which include all-glass roofs and WIFI with 4G capability.  Those orders won't be delivered to customers until January 2022.  The Launch Edition is the only model that Rivian will produce between June 2021 and January 2022.

Price and Range

The Launch Edition pickup and SUV have a battery range of over 300 miles.  Rivian plans to offer versions with shorter and longer range in the future.  The R1T pickup starts at $75,000 and the R1S SUV starts at $77,500 for the Launch Edition.  The vehicles are fully electric.  And by January 2022 the R1T pickup will offer more than 400 miles on a charge.  Rivian is a very hot EV startup with aspirations of taking on Tesla.  The vehicle will be available in Europe and Asia.


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