New Digital Way to Buy Cars

 Nissan's Sales Innovation in Face of Pandemic

                                            Source:  Nissan

"Complete, End to End Digital Journey" to the Purchase

COVID-19 has radically changed the world and global commerce.  Here's a new example.  Because of the pandemic, global auto customers are shying away from car showrooms.  Nissan is on to a new digital approach.  What the company is calling "a complete, end to end digital journey" to  buying your next Nissan car.

Nissan COO Ashwari Gupta's Digital System

The Chief Operating Officer of Nissan Ashwari Gupta was tasked by a senior Nissan Board member to determine how to sell cars to customers in a COVID weary world.  Gupta came up with a digital journey.  The journey starts with the customer researching cars on line. Car models come to the customer's house for a test drive.  Purchase agreements are finalized with no trips at all to the dealership.  It is socially distanced, online car buying, along with the opportunity to test drive the car from your home.

COVID Has Changed Buying Habits

There is a significant shift in consumer buying habits because of COVID-19.  Consumers don't want to go into showrooms.  Experts expect the online trend of car shopping will hold permanently.  Nissan's Shop At Home online program is experiencing strong demand, particularly in North America and China.  The big question is:  how will this hurt dealerships which have invested millions in their showrooms? Nissan is hoping a hybrid approach - helping online and dealers' sales will bridge the divide and work.


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