Impact of Robots & AI on Jobs

 Manager & Supervisor Jobs At Risk

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Fascinating New Study from Penn's Wharton School of Management

A new study by the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Management finds that it is managers and supervisors, not lower level employees, who are losing their jobs to robots and artificial intelligence.  The reason:  fewer numbers of managers can oversee larger portions of business operations with the help of AI and robotics expanding in their enterprise.

Business Expansion With Robots

The study's results are compelling.  The analysis covered businesses in Canada that used and didn't use robots and AI over the past 20 years.  Lead researcher Professor Lynn Wu found that firms deploying robots expanded their human workforce.  Those that did not deploy robots ended up with shrinking businesses and had to cut workers.

Less Managers and Supervisors Needed

According to the authors, the most surprising finding is that using AI and robotics in companies triggers reductions in the number of managers and supervisors needed.  That is because of the vast efficiencies that robotics and AI contribute to an enterprise.  Professor Wu also found that advanced technology boosts employment for low-skilled and high-skilled workers.  This new study negates the common held opinion that robots and AI are a main catalyst of job cuts.


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