Amazon Enables Cloud Stock Exchanges

 New Cloud Based Exchanges

                           Source:  Singapore Stock Exchange

Amazon's Very Successful Pilot

Amazon and two stock exchanges have put global stock trading in the cloud and done so very successfully.  This is a first of its kind pilot program involving Amazon Web Services, the Singapore Stock Exchange and the London-based Aquis Exchange. It demonstrated that trading shares on the cloud works, is fast enough and reliable for global stock trading.  It is a technological first that could move stock trading from expensive physical servers that require backup systems into the cloud.  It could be the start of cloud based stock exchanges that would be a lot less expensive to operate and possibly pass on savings to investors.

Amazon Innovation Breakthrough

For Amazon Web Services, this is a breakthrough new use of its cloud technology.  The pilot demonstrated that the Amazon cloud is technically able to send tons of data to many partners simultaneously, which is what global trading requires. This is clearly another potential, new big business line for Amazon.  It would enable global exchanges to get rid of their expensive, physical infrastructure to support trading and also avoid the potential for outages which occur with some frequency. The Singapore and London Aquis Exchanges want to continue to develop their cloud-based exchanges that could realize a savings for both of them of 90% in costs.


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