SpaceX NASA Flight Successfully Launches

SpaceX 1st Fully Operational Flight for NASA Takes Off

                                      Source:  NASA 4 US Astronauts on SpaceX Resilience

                                            Source:  Space X

SpaceX CEO Musk Has Moderate Symptoms of COVID

SpaceX's 1st operational flight for NASA to the ISS with 4 US astronauts onboard just successfully launched in a capsule named Resilience. This launch is historic.  It will be the first time in 60 years that NASA handed over the keys for a fully operational launch of NASA astronauts to a US private space company. Ironically, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk could not be in person for the historic moment.  He says he has a moderate case of COVID-19.  NASA would not allow him to be at NASA or near the astronauts as he is in COVID quarantine.

Musk Questions the COVID Test Technology

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Musk believes he most likely has a moderate case of COVID-19.  As he had two positive and two negatives results on COVID testing by the same nurse, he is questioning the accuracy of the tests.  Nonetheless, he says he believes he does have a moderate case of COVID and is experiencing cold like symptoms.  This demonstrates that COVID-19 can hit anyone, including one of the world's most successful, innovative billionaire CEOs.  This COVID case comes at an incredible SpaceX launch time, that is hopefully destined for another great success into space.  So far, the mission is good.

Tonight's Launch

We'll monitor tonight's historic launch and provide significant updates.  When the 4 astronauts reach the ISS, they will spend six months there.  They say they're excited about the speed and technological innovations that SpaceX has brought to NASA's space efforts.  In the meantime, the ailing SpaceX CEO said in a tweet, his symptoms are a little up and down "like a regular cold but more body aches and cloudy head than coughing and sneezing."  


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