Daimler & Next-G Combustion Engine

Daimler & China's Geely to Develop Next-G Combustion Engine

                                      Source:  2021 Mercedes

New Engine for Hybrids

German based automotive company Daimler and China's automaker Geely have just announced a partnership to develop a next generation combustion engine for use in hybrid vehicles.  The surprise announcement came as many governments, including the European Union, are tightening regulations on auto emissions.  Daimler says the new engine will be modular and highly efficient.  It will be manufactured in both China and Europe for use in hybrid drivetrains.

Daimler Saving Money

Daimler sets the bar in global automotive innovation and luxury. Geely is a huge automotive powerhouse.  It owns Volvo, the US based flying car company Terrafugia, Geely Auto, Lotus, Proton and has a 9.69% stake in Daimler.  According to the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, this partnership with Geely will save Daimler $119 million in developing the next generation combustion engine.


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