VW's Huge Electric & Self-Driving Push

 VW Pumping $86 Billion into Electric & Autonomous Mobility

                                        Source:  VW 

Leading the Way in Green Mobility

Over the next five years, Volkswagen will pump $86 billion into electric and autonomous technologies. VW seeks to remain the world's largest automaker as the world shifts toward green, no emissions cars.  Half of VW's investment budget is going into electric vehicles, autonomous technology, hybrids and what it calls seamless software-based vehicle operating systems.  VW is also doubling its spending on digitalization to develop new self-driving systems and new vehicle operating systems.

Tighter Emissions Standards in Europe and Elsewhere 

With the European Union and many countries around the world toughening their regulations to reduce carbon emissions, VW is re-shaping the company and its brands with a strategic focus on green, electric, autonomous clean mobility.  Just in the EU, VW needs to increase its hybrid and EV sales to 60% by 2030 because of tighter emissions standards.  Volkswagen's brands include VW, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ducati, Skoda and Seat.


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