Elon Musk on New Tesla Designs

 Musk Talks of  "New Form Factors" in New Designs

Source:  Tesla

Tesla to Customize Models for International Markets

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is a notorious big tease, told an online European Conference on Batteries audience this week that he is excited about designing new electric cars that will have "new form factors".  Musk said that to attract top talent to Tesla, he must provide them the big opportunity that they crave - to work on new, original car model designs.

Gigafactories in Berlin and Shanghai

Musk says  he is really excited about new design concepts which will be originating from his gigafactories in Shanghai and Berlin.  In Berlin, he expects to develop a compact electric car model, likely a hatchback, to cater to the preferences of European drivers for smaller, green cars.

Expanding Tesla's Lineup

Expansion is clearly on Musk's mind.  Some of his targets include:

  • Designing an original car in China for global distribution
  • Designing a compact vehicle
  • Designing a high capacity passenger vehicle
  • Making a $25,000 electric car for mass market distribution.
Coming up very soon on Musk's plate:  release of the Cybertruck for under $50,000 and release of a Next Generation, high end Roadster.

Customizing to International Markets

To date, all Tesla vehicles have been designed in the US.  Musk is now pivoting towards original designs customized for specific international markets.


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