RoboDog Spot is Something Special

 Spot Spotted on the High Seas Aboard an Oil Rig

Source:  Boston Dynamics Spot RoboDog

Multitasking Robot Dog

I've been following Boston Dynamics' Spot RoboDog for some time.  Here's an update on this incredible quadruped, multi-tasking robot dog.  Spot has been on duty in Asia doing polite, social distancing patrols on the streets of Singapore to advise and encourage people to keep their distances and prevent the spread of COVID-19 among residents during 2020.  Spot is serving as a service assistance robot in US offices and homes.  He's on duty as a patrol robot on UK construction sites.  And, now Spot has gone on the high-seas, aboard a British Petroleum oil rig more than 190 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico to do off-shore robotic duty.  Spot seems to be the world's greatest utility robot.

Spot on Oil Rig Duty

Onboard the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, Spot is being programmed to monitor gauges, sniff out dangerous smells of methane and check for any corrosion on the rig.  According to BP, what Spot is doing makes work on the rig safer for people by taking them out of harm's way.  Spot is being trained to do remote observation work passed on for humans to analyze in safer locations.

Remote Controlled Robot Work

Spot is doing upfront work preparations that can be done more safely by a remote-controlled robot than humans in real/time conditions.  BP wants to expand Spot's jobs of data collection to increase the areas on oil rigs for Spot to cover that are too dangerous for humans to go near. Boston Dynamics has been developing and continues to customize Spot for many duties across industries. 


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