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 UK based Hopin - Fastest Growth Startup

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Started in 2019, Now Valued at $2.1 Billion

London-based virtual events startup Hopin has just raised $125 million in funding at a valuation of more than $2 billion.  Hopin is fascinating case of what may be the world's fastest growing startup that was created during the founder's struggles with illness. Founder Johnny Boufarhat became so ill that he had to stay at home for two years.  During those two years of being housebound, he created a very hot company that's an all-in-one, live, online events platform.  The platform connects people in different locations and is a perfect fit in the COVID world.

Large Menu of Services

Hopin carries virtual events, recreating just about every aspect of an in-person event.  What differentiates the startup from videoconferencing services is the support that it provides for conferences from the ground-up.  The services include stage management, ticketing, networking, breakout sessions, sponsors, tickets analytics and more.

Very Fast Growth

Hopin appears to be the fastest growing startup in history.  Boufarhat started it about a year ago.  At the start of 2020 there were 20 employees.  Now there are 200.  Hopin has 3.5 million users, annual recurring revenues of $20 million and plans to hire 800 in 2021. Virtual events are very hot given the COVID pandemic.  Hopin is capitalizing on that and sees tremendous growth for itself with hybrid events (live and virtual) when the COVID crisis ends.


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