Maserati Going Totally Electric

 Maserati's Total Electric Lineup within the Next Five Years

                          Source:  Maserati 2021 Grecale SUV

World Automakers Pushing EV Future

Maserati is Fiat Chrysler's premier luxury brand based in Italy.  Maserati chief executive Davide Grasso said today, during an online event sponsored by the Italian daily newspaper Milano Finanza, that the entire Maserati lineup is being electrified - either fully electric or hybrid electric - within the next five years.  That is a very big deal for a top of the line, combustion engine, high speed, sportscar iconic brand.

New SUV Grecale

Maserati will launch it new SUV Grecale in 2021 in both combustion engine and hybrid versions.  A fully electric Grecale will follow and be available soon thereafter.  This is another big example of the global push by automakers to electrify their lineups as world governments tighten emissions standards and as the public increasingly demands greener, emissions free cars.  Even at the luxury, high speed, sportscar level.


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