DARPA Using AI for Flying Taxis

 DARPA Expediting & Optimizing eVTOL Designs

                             Source: Flying Taxi Stock Image

Artificial Intelligence Created Flying Taxi Designs

The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA - has awarded a $7.2 million contract to Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas to test air  taxi designs created by artificial intelligence systems.  The team will analyze the AI designs and evaluate their capabilities.  The purpose is to use AI to optimize and accelerate the development and deployment of flying taxis, known as eVTOLs or electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.

Short Distance Air Taxi Travel

The Texas research team has a set of priorities to follow from DARPA. DARPA wants flying taxi designs that can carry at least two people, travel 20 to 30 miles and be no larger than two cars parked side by side so that the vehicle can take-off and land from small spaces like parking lots and driveways.  

Streamlining Travel Innovation Design with AI

The AI design program is part of DARPA's Symbiotic Design for Cyber Physical Systems program, which is tasked with streamlining design through AI.  Southwest Research Institute is collaborating with Vanderbilt University researchers on modeling an air taxi computer system that links sensing, control and computation between the user and the air taxi.  Completion of the program is expected in 2024.


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