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Prius With New Look & Tech

  World's 1st Electric Car Goes Next-G                                                                                 Source:  Toyota 2023 Toyota Prius Unveiled in Japan Toyota has just done the first mega makeover of its iconic Prius, which is the world's first hybrid electric car that went into mass production. The Prius was first introduced 25 years ago in 1997. It made history back then but in recent years it has been eclipsed by glitzy e-cars particularly from Tesla & Tesla CEO/Chief Marketer Elon Musk.  To change the dynamic, Toyota has dressed up the new 2023 Prius with a sporty, new coupe style and lots of new tech.   What's New About the 2023 Prius? The look of the new Prius is radically sportier and sleeker.  It's a highly valuable franchise for Toyota as it is ranked by Consumer Reports as the world's 4th most reliable car (2022 Prius). As such, Toyota has opted to keep it as a hybrid, which helps to keep it as "an affordable car" for the m

Uber's Big Expansion of EVs

Uber's Major Commitment to EVs and Hybrid Vehicles For 0 To Low Emissions                                        Source:  Uber Electric Vehicles More Than 1400 Cities in North America Involved Ride sharing company Uber is expanding its electric car and hybrid vehicle ride service.  It will be offered in more than 1400 cities in North America.  The cities include Miami, New York City, Washington, DC, Houston, Tucson, Calgary and Winnipeg.  The company says drivers can rent zero emissions vehicles through their partner Avis.  The service is available in Los Angeles but it is being rolled out nationally this year. Green Goals By 2040, Uber wants all of its vehicles in its global ride sharing service to be electric.  It is also contributing through 2025 $800 million as incentives to help drivers switch to electric vehicles.  This Green Trips program includes discounts on electric vehicles bought or leased through Uber partner automakers.  Uber is clearly encouraging drivers to take gre

Daimler & Next-G Combustion Engine

Daimler & China's Geely to Develop Next-G Combustion Engine                                                Source:  2021 Mercedes New Engine for Hybrids German based automotive company Daimler and China's automaker Geely have just announced a partnership to develop a next generation combustion engine for use in hybrid vehicles.  The surprise announcement came as many governments, including the European Union, are tightening regulations on auto emissions.  Daimler says the new engine will be modular and highly efficient.  It will be manufactured in both China and Europe for use in hybrid drivetrains. Daimler Saving Money Daimler sets the bar in global automotive innovation and luxury. Geely is a huge automotive powerhouse.  It owns Volvo, the US based flying car company Terrafugia, Geely Auto, Lotus, Proton and has a 9.69% stake in Daimler.  According to the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, this partnership with Geely will save Daimler $119 million in developing the n

Ferrari's in the Sports Car Race

CEO Expanding Lineup of Road Cars Source:  Ferrari The Future of Sports Cars Ferrari Chairman John Elkann said today in Pebble Beach, CA, at a classic car show, that the Italy-based luxury car company plans to expand its GT - grand touring - lineup of cars that are easier driving vehicles.  It also plans to launch a premier SUV, the Purosangue, to compete in the luxury SUV category.   The company, known for its flashy, high performance vehicles, is producing strong financial and innovation results, including a new luxury hybrid vehicle.  It has no desire to compete in sales volume results with rival Porsche.  Elkann is also Chairman of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.   Fiat is the majority owner of Ferrari. New SF90 Stradale and GT Models The company's new SF90 Stradale hybrid vehicle is expected to be a big contender against Tesla's luxury electric vehicle models.  The SF90 is the fastest Ferrari ever produced with 986 horsepower.  The new GT-type Ferrari could be unvei