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Amazon Enables Cloud Stock Exchanges

 New   Cloud Based Exchanges                                   Source:  Singapore Stock Exchange Amazon's Very Successful Pilot Amazon and two stock exchanges have put global stock trading in the cloud and done so very successfully.  This is a first of its kind pilot program involving Amazon Web Services, the Singapore Stock Exchange and the London-based Aquis Exchange. It demonstrated that trading shares on the cloud works, is fast enough and reliable for global stock trading.  It is a technological first that could move stock trading from expensive physical servers that require backup systems into the cloud.  It could be the start of cloud based stock exchanges that would be a lot less expensive to operate and possibly pass on savings to investors. Amazon Innovation Breakthrough For Amazon Web Services, this is a breakthrough new use of its cloud technology.  The pilot demonstrated that the Amazon cloud is technically able to send tons of data to many partners simultaneously, whi

Online Tech On Pandemic Duties

Safe Chatting & Meetings by Video Calls Booms Source:  Zoom Communications Technology to the Rescue in the Pandemic The highly contagious coronavirus has shutdown global economies and businesses.  With a notable exception:  the much safer environment of staying in touch with family, co-workers and friends by online calls. The online video meeting business is zooming! An example is Zoom Video Communications. Zoom and Oracle Zoom is experiencing an avalanche of new business.  In fact, their business is up 30-fold from 10 million online meetings in December to 300 million now in late April 2020.  To accommodate the explosive growth in use, Zoom needed to rapidly and greatly expand its computer power. It has tapped into Oracle's cloud computing services.  Win-Win Industry experts are stunned by how  quickly the cloud service deal between Zoom and Oracle happened. They say, it seemed to develop overnight.  But, it&

Data from Satellites to the Cloud

Geospatial Cloud Analytics Photo:  Courtesy of Descartes Labs - Fishing Boats off Singapore A New Mexico startup company Descartes Labs is receiving up to $7.2 million from the US government to bring geospatial data from satellites to the Cloud.   The volume of data is huge, in the terabytes, unwieldy and of the highest value. Descartes has been tasked by the government to use machine learning to process massive amounts of visual data from satellites. Images of Earth and Space Images of the Earth including heat imagery are available in massive volume from many satellites.  They contain rich and compelling information on such dynamic issues as changing global oil supplies, potential food shortages and climate change.  This is very big data from many sources that can't be fully capitalized on because it's not organized and centralized. Cloud Infrastructure Descartes Labs will build out cloud infrastructure to import, store, process and curate the data.  They'l