Online Tech On Pandemic Duties

Safe Chatting & Meetings by Video Calls Booms

Source:  Zoom Communications

Technology to the Rescue in the Pandemic
The highly contagious coronavirus has
shutdown global economies and
businesses.  With a notable
exception:  the much safer environment of
staying in touch with family, co-workers
and friends by online calls. The online
video meeting business is zooming!
An example is Zoom Video Communications.

Zoom and Oracle
Zoom is experiencing an avalanche of
new business.  In fact, their business is up
30-fold from 10 million online meetings in
December to 300 million now in late
April 2020.  To accommodate the explosive
growth in use, Zoom needed to rapidly
and greatly expand its computer power.
It has tapped into Oracle's cloud computing

Industry experts are stunned by how 
quickly the cloud service deal between
Zoom and Oracle happened. They say,
it seemed to develop overnight.  But, it's a 
big win for Zoom to deliver for its
rapidly expanding customer base.
And it's a big win for Oracle, which 
competes against Amazon and
Microsoft for cloud services.
This is an example of tech coming
to the rescue during the pandemic
and experiencing exponential demand.
Hopefully, it holds up to user

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