New Organic Battery, Good for Environment

Organic Proton Battery with Sustainable Storage

Source:  Uppsala University

From Sweden, New Battery that's Good for Environment
Scientists at Sweden's Uppsala University have
invented a proton battery that is composed of organic 
materials and is based on protons rather than 
ions.  The organic compounds are called quinones, 
which are used by plants in photosynthesis and are 
plentiful in nature.  This is a proof of concept,
small button cell battery with outstanding performance.
And, it's a first of its kind.

Climate Smart Battery
The Uppsala scientists call this a climate smart battery 
with sustainable energy storage.  It reaches a full 
capacity recharge in seconds (100), using a solar cell.  
It can be charged and discharged more than 500 times 
without any loss of capacity. The battery is free of
any fire or explosion hazards.  And, unlike standard
batteries, it is unaffected by ambient temperatures.

Big Green Benefits
This new invention offers the potential of big
benefits for the environment.  Unlike lithium 
batteries, it is 100% organic. Lithium batteries are
composed of metals, which are mined and processed,
causing significant environmental damage. And,
at the moment, it's extremely difficult to dispose
of lithium batteries safely.  Not so with an organic 

Next Steps
The scientists say this is a big step forward toward
manufacturing sustainable organic batteries.  
The experimental battery is undergoing further 
development.  The goal is to make it a 
household item.  
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