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New Organic Battery, Good for Environment

Organic Proton Battery with Sustainable Storage Source:  Uppsala University From Sweden, New Battery that's Good for Environment Scientists at Sweden's Uppsala University have invented a proton battery that is composed of organic  materials and is based on protons rather than  ions.  The organic compounds are called quinones,  which are used by plants in photosynthesis and are  plentiful in nature.  This is a proof of concept, small button cell battery with outstanding performance. And, it's a first of its kind. Climate Smart Battery The Uppsala scientists call this a climate smart battery  with sustainable energy storage.  It reaches a full  capacity recharge in seconds (100), using a solar cell.   It can be charged and discharged more than 500 times  without any loss of capacity. The battery is free of any fire or explosion hazards.  And, unlike standard batteries, it is unaffected by ambient temperatures. Big Green

Important Innovations Collection: AI Inspired Food and Snacks

IBM's Watson AI Now a Top Chef in Global Food Company Kitchen Source:  IBM Watson Logo Spain's Cerealto Siro Cooking with Watson's AI Cerealto is one of the world's biggest food companies.  It sells 4 million products a year and introduces 250 new cereals to the global market every year.  IBM and Cerealto just unveiled a very innovative partnership.   IBM's Watson Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into Cerealto's food innovation process to create new foods and snacks at the cutting edge of consumer's nutritional goals and taste trends.  For a great news blog to tell you what's new in the kitchen, go to  Important Innovations Collection: AI Inspired Food and Snacks : IBM's Watson Cooking in the Kitchen Source:  IBM Watson Logo Watson's AI Inspiring Food Innovations at Spain's Cerealto S...

Bendable Mobile Phones & Displays

New Semiconductor with Organic & Inorganic Materials Enables Bendability Source:  ANU -  Innovators Asso. Prof. Larry Lu and PhD researcher Ankur Sharma Bendable Phones, Displays, Electronics Australian National University engineers have invented a breakthrough semiconductor.  The innovation is composed of organic and inorganic material.  It converts electricity into light very efficiently.  And it's so thin and flexible it can help to make cellphones and display screens bendable. Biodegradable Electronics Potentially Cutting E-Waste  This breakthrough could also enable a new generation of electronic devices made from organic material that's biodegradable or easily recycled.  This could greatly reduce E-Waste which is a huge and growing threat to the global environment. Scientific Specifics The organic component of the semiconductor is made of hydrogen and oxygen and has the thickness of just 1 atom.  The inorganic component has the thickness of 2 atoms. 

Heart Monitor Taped on Skin

Organic Sensor & Organic Solar Cell Combine to Monitor Heartbeats Source:  RIKEN Center Very Flexible, Taped Heart Monitor on Your Finger Scientists have developed an organic sensor powered by sunlight that performs as a self-powered heart monitor.  The scientists put a sensor device, an organic, electrochemical transitor, into a flexible organic solar cell.  The device successfully measures the heartbeats of humans under bright light conditions. New Generation of Self-Medical Monitoring This monitor, developed by scientists at the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science and the University of Tokyo, is human friendly, ultra flexible with a solar powered sensor.  It can also be used to monitor brain function.  The development was reported in the journal Nature.  It's being hailed as the next generation of self-medical monitoring.  Such self-powered devices placed on the skin have great potential for medical applications.