Bendable Mobile Phones & Displays

New Semiconductor with Organic & Inorganic Materials Enables Bendability

Source:  ANU -  Innovators Asso. Prof. Larry Lu and PhD researcher Ankur Sharma

Bendable Phones, Displays, Electronics

Australian National University engineers have invented a breakthrough semiconductor.  The innovation is composed of organic and inorganic material.  It converts electricity into light very efficiently.  And it's so thin and flexible it can help to make cellphones and display screens bendable.

Biodegradable Electronics Potentially Cutting E-Waste 

This breakthrough could also enable a new generation of electronic devices made from organic material that's biodegradable or easily recycled.  This could greatly reduce E-Waste which is a huge and growing threat to the global environment.

Scientific Specifics

The organic component of the semiconductor is made of hydrogen and oxygen and has the thickness of just 1 atom.  The inorganic component has the thickness of 2 atoms.  According to the ANU scientists, their hybrid has the potential to make mobile phones as powerful as supercomputers.  It is clearly innovation with tremendous potential.


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