Implantable Health Trackers

24/7 Highly Advanced Medical Biomarker Monitoring

DARPA's Biosensor

Connects to Devices Like Smartphones
You know when you don't feel well. But this advanced research would take monitoring your health to a whole new level. Implantable health trackers are futuristic technology being developed right now for delivery ASAP.  It's called tissue-integrated biosensor technology and it's being developed by the US Army Research Office and DARPA, the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The biosensors are tiny, soft, hydrogel-based sensors implanted under the skin.  The purpose is to use them to measure biomarkers related to oxygen, lactate, urea, glucose and ion levels.  The sensors can stay in the human body for up to 2 years.  They can read out information to connected devices such as smartphones.

General Public Use
Every project that DARPA undertakes is aimed at providing the US military with overwhelming technological advantages against adversaries.  Like many other DARPA innovation discoveries such as GPS, the internet, flying cars and cloud computing, there's a tremendous benefit to consumers.  This same technology could one day help individuals manage difficult chronic diseases that need constant monitoring like diabetes.


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