Chinese Nuclear Stealth Bomber

Aviation Innovation Chinese Style

Artist Rendering of H-20

Official Unveiling of the H-20 in 2019

Chinese media are reporting that Beijing will unveil its H-20 nuclear stealth bomber in 2019.  The event to highlight the 70th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

Maiden Flight Very Soon

There are also reports that the H-20, also known as the Hong-20, will soon make its maiden flight. It's a much anticipated piece of Chinese aviation innovation and the object of much speculation.  It's debut will be epic.  It's compared to the US' B-2 stealth bomber but the specifications are relatively unknown.

Expert Opinion

Military experts say it's a 4-engine, stealth bomber with a dual nuclear and conventional role.  China's goal is for it to have a 7500 mile range and a 20 ton payload.  Some experts think a range of 5000 miles and 10 ton payload are more likely.  Even that would pose a threat to Taiwan and US aircraft carriers in the Pacific.  It could also boost China's dominance and territorial claims in the South China Sea.


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