Hyperloop Destination Abu Dhabi

Musk New Track to United Arab Emirates

Source:  Hyperloop to Dubai

Innovators Journeys
Elon Musk's startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has announced it has another destination to deliver hyperloops..  It's going to build a commercial Hyperloop track, an XO Square Innovation Center and Hyperloop Experience Center in Abu Dhabi, the capitol city of the United Arab Emirates.  It appears that long train track of innovation is starting at six miles from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.  The trip would take 12 minutes.  What a great journey of innovation and entrepreneurship!

Competition from Virgin
Musk Hyperloop and its competing startup Virgin Hyperloop One have each about $200 million in investment respectively.  They're in competition right now.  The Virgin Group is going to build a test track for its "Kitty Hawk" in Dubai.   All-aboard and stay tuned.

Hyperloop Green Machine
Hyperloop is a highly advanced green means of transportation.  It is composed of pod-like "trains" that levitate and travel at high speeds, expected to be up to 750 mph, through vacuum tubes.


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