Touching VR Objects: New Ultra Glove

Breakthru for VR & AR - New Ultra Lite Gloves

Source:  ETH Zurich

Enables Touching Virtual Objects for Real
It's the ultra-lite glove that's less than 8 grams per finger.  The gloves enable you to feel, grasp and manipulate virtual objects.  The system developed by Swiss scientists provides extremely realistic feedback and could run on a tiny battery. That allows unparalleled freedom of movements for VR and AR.  This is a big development in VR, AR tech.

Global Quest for This Tech
Globally for years, scientists, engineers, and software developers have been trying to achieve what the scientists at ETH Zurich and EPFL have just done.  It's the quest for tech that lets users grasp, touch and manipulate virtual objects while feeling they're touching something real.

Swiss Scientific Achievement
The gloves are called DextrES.  They've been successfully tested on volunteers and will be presented at  an upcoming international symposium.  The gloves are composed of nylon with thin elastic strips of metal running over the fingers.  The next step is to scale this up. And the biggest market is gaming, but also AR and healthcare, including training surgeons.


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