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The Walrus Project - US Pentagon

Source:  DARPA Walrus Concept

Can It Take Off?

This is a high flying and heavy load research project being spearheaded by the US Government.  The Walrus, pictured above, is probably the world's largest airship.  It's designed to fly millions of pounds of troops, gear and equipment quickly to breaking incidents thousands of miles away for the US Military.

DARPA's Walrus

The US Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA is leading this program.  The purpose is to design a giant air vehicle that can haul a payload of 500 to 1000 tons in under a week to a destination up to 12,000 nautical miles away.  You can understand the importance of this technology to the US Military.  It would provide the ability to quickly deploy huge numbers of troops with all their gear and equipment to breaking military and other incidents globally.


Walrus is still waiting to take-off. It's a huge and heavy load aviation concept.  But, DARPA continues the research including with a number of Hybrid Ultra Large Aircraft - their HULU initiative.


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