Your Eco-Burger is Ready

Burgers from the Lab, Not the Farm

Source:  Stock Photo of Cultured, Lab Grown Beef Pattie

More Sustainable, Energy & Environmentally Friendly Meat
It's the future of food.  Experts believe a big change in food production is cooking.  Your burger of the future will be an eco-burger.  It will come from the lab, not from the farm.

Food Innovation
Eco-burgers are being developed in vats by using animal stem cells, feeding them nutrients and growing them into meat.  The process may not sound tasty but the potential is.

Sustainable Meat Sources for a Growing Global Population
The world needs to increase food production by 50% to feed the global population by 2050.  Lab grown meat could be part of the solution as animal production currently uses 80% of the world's agricultural land.

Benefits, Opportunities & Costs
Lab grown meat, also known as cultured or clean meat, doesn't use slaughtered animals.  It also requires 200 times less land, 30 times less water and half the energy to raise a cow for 2.2 pounds of beef.  Innovators are working on this technology globally with a focus on bringing down the cost. As an example, one batch of lab meatballs cost $18,000 a pound within the past year.


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