Exercise Pumps Up Brain Power

New Research:  Aerobics Improve Cognitive Performance

Source:  Maryanne Kane's Photo of Katie Kane in Competition

Running to Prime Your Mind
Our brains are at their best when our bodies are in motion, like running, walking, biking rather than sedentary and sitting at a desk.  A new study by German scientists just confirmed it.  As a runner, I've always thought that I do my most deliberative thinking during a morning run.  Now science confirms it.  Wondered if as a jogger, biker, runner, walker and exerciser, you've had the same instincts?  Do you do your best thinking in motion?

Active Motion Works
Scientists from Ludwig-Maximilian University in Germany took electroencephalogy brain readings on 24 participants when exercising and at rest.  They found that exercise and upright posture improved visual working memory (that's the ability to maintain visual info to do ongoing tasks) significantly over passive and seated positions.

Counterintuitive From Centuries of Scholars Laboring at their Desks
This finding is fascinating and counterintuitive from our image of scholars and also cognitive science.  Your mind primes in motion.  The findings have been published in the British Journal of Psychology.  


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