Smart Intersections Auto Co's Push

Knowing What's Around the Corner

Source:  Honda's Smart Intersection Display

Smart Tech for Smarter, Safer Driving

Audi and Honda are setting up and testing smart intersections in the US.  The approach involves display alerts on your dashboard and cameras positioned at intersections.  Audi's technology sends an alert to the driver warning that a light is going to turn red before you get through it.  Honda's sends an alert of an oncoming emergency vehicle, car or pedestrian that are not yet in sight.

Audi's Pilot Program

Audi is working in Washington, DC and Las Vegas to outfit intersections to work with Audi's countdown traffic lights system.  The system is designed to give the driver ample warning that they aren't going to make it through a light before it turns red.

Honda's Pilot Program

Honda has a Smart Intersection pilot program underway in Marysville, Ohio.  The system flashes a yellow image of an unseen vehicle on the HUD - heads-up display - on the dashboard for the driver.  Honda's testing the system in 20 Honda Pilots.

At the Starting Point

This is the beginning of an important process for cities, governments, suppliers and automakers to set standards for smarter intersections and smarter drivers to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities.


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