Robot Pizza Maker Delivers

Pizza Hut's Pie Maker on the Road with Zero Emissions

Source:  Pizza Hut

As Fresh as It Gets - Green Pizza
Pizza Hut has a prototype robot that cooks pizza on the way to customers' homes.  It's a mobile pizza factory in a Toyota pickup truck.. The pizzas are as fresh as they can get.

Zero Emissions Pizzas
The pizza robot with 4 wheels includes a refrigerator, a pair of robotic arms and a portable conveyor oven.  The system runs on the truck's hydrogen fuel electric powertrain.  It was unveiled at the SEMA show on automotive specialty products in Las Vegas.  It's a green delivery system of green pizzas with zero emissions.

"The Kitchen"
The robotic pizza system is called "The Kitchen" and Pizza Hut thinks it has the potential to deliver fresher pizzas to wider delivery areas.  Futuristic means of food delivery are in vogue.  Uber reportedly is looking into delivering food by drones.  And Alphabet, Google's parent, is teamed with Chipotle to deliver burritos by drones at Virginia Tech.


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