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Hydrogen Tuk Tuk - World's 1st H2 3-Wheeler

  New Zero Emissions Mode of Transportation                                       Source: Biliti & Other Tuk Tuks Roots Date Back to Rickshaws Los Angeles-based startup Biliti just unveiled what's being called the world's first, hydrogen powered Tuk Tuk or trike.  Tuk Tuks are common means of passenger transportation in Thailand and India.  The three-wheeled vehicles serve as taxies.  Their heritage dates back to Japan's rickshaws.  The new, hydrogen fuel cell powered Tuk Tuk is called FastMile.  The company says it has a 130-mile range on a charge and can be refueled in just 3 minutes.  Biliti is a fast growth electric mobility company founded in 2021 and known for its compact electric delivery Tuk Tuks.  The company is currently significantly expanding its operations.  It is setting up the world's largest 3-wheeler manufacturing facility in India with a production capacity of 240,000 EVs a year and the creation of 3,000 new jobs. New, Green Mode of Transportation

Our Next Green Travel Vehicles by Edward Kane

  Latest & Most Exciting Zero Emissions Cars, Planes & More Under Development Globally                                        Source:  Amazon  ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09J1N32PB Brand New Book on Amazon Edward Kane's latest book "Our Next Green Travel Vehicles" profiles the latest and most exciting zero emissions cars, planes, bikes and more under development globally for clean, green travel.  The book is available on Amazon as an e-book, paperback and hard cover.  To take a look inside, go to   I co-authored the book with Ed.

Lexus Concept Car: Light in Motion

New Concept:  Hikari Changes Shape, Changes Light Source:  Lexus Hikari Concept Car Not Your Father's Lexus It's called the Lexus Hikari, which in Japanese means light and the principle of light in motion.  This is an incredible new concept car.  Let's just say it's not your average Lexus.  The Hikari changes shape to let the ambience of light into the car or  shade it for a more comfortable drive.  The flexible exterior enables the dynamic use of light. The e-rubber exterior of the vehicle is a next generation material that holds a surface together while allowing it to bend without showing any visible creasing.  And, there's a lot more to this incredible car. Hydrogen Powered and Autonomous The Hikari is autonomous.  It's hydrogen powered and lined with fuel cells. There are no visible doors and windows.  The roof controls the ambience to enable the "driver" to work in sunlight or in a shady, more comfortable space as the vehicle auto

Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft

Your Personal Air Mobility Vehicle with No Emissions Source:  Alaka'i Technologies  Skai - Engineering and Avionics from Massachusetts & Design Input from BMW The inventors call this the fuel cell powered aircraft of the people to get above traffic jams.  The drone-like aircraft is hydrogen fuel cell powered and has zero emissions.  This model, pictured above, was just unveiled in southern California.  It's a collaboration between US based Alaka'i Technologies and BMW's design group in southern California.  It is sleek, powered by 6 rotors, a hover craft,  needs a lot of testing, but the inventors say it's practical and affordable.  For more, go to Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft : People Mover - Air Mobility for the People Sleek Looking and Ready for Testing The world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered flyi...

Robot Pizza Maker Delivers

Pizza Hut's Pie Maker on the Road with Zero Emissions Source:  Pizza Hut As Fresh as It Gets - Green Pizza Pizza Hut has a prototype robot that cooks pizza on the way to customers' homes.  It's a mobile pizza factory in a Toyota pickup truck.. The pizzas are as fresh as they can get. Zero Emissions Pizzas The pizza robot with 4 wheels includes a refrigerator, a pair of robotic arms and a portable conveyor oven.  The system runs on the truck's hydrogen fuel electric powertrain.  It was unveiled at the SEMA show on automotive specialty products in Las Vegas.  It's a green delivery system of green pizzas with zero emissions. "The Kitchen" The robotic pizza system is called "The Kitchen" and Pizza Hut thinks it has the potential to deliver fresher pizzas to wider delivery areas.  Futuristic means of food delivery are in vogue.   Uber reportedly is looking into delivering food by drones.  And Alphabet, Google's parent, is teamed w