Fitness Leads to Longer Life

Cleveland Clinic Landmark Research

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Cardiorespiratory Fitness is Key
Here's another great reason to even more enjoy your favorite exercise like running or biking.  It's now proven to lead to a longer life.  Researchers at the renowned Cleveland Clinic have found that cardiorespiratory fitness leads to a longer life.  And they say there are no limits to the benefits of aerobic fitness.

Substantive, Long Term Research Results
This is a very substantive study.  The research team retrospectively studied testing results on 122,007 patients who exercised on treadmills.  The time frame is from January 1, 1991 thru December 31, 2014... almost 2 decades.  The researchers measured all causes of mortality relating to fitness and exercise.

Aerobic Fitness Extends Life
The researchers say aerobic fitness is the key to a long life.  And there is no limit on how much exercise is too much.  According to the study's key author, cardiologist Wael Jaber, M.D., all of us should achieve high fitness levels.  He added the greatest benefits from top aerobic fitness comes for people who are 70 plus and also for those with hypertension.  Bottom-line:  long term exercising has long term benefits.  Have to love this great discovery on healthy living innovation and how important exercise is.


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