In the Pandemic, Tech Coming to the Rescue

UK Testing Drones to Deliver Medical Supplies

Source:  UK's NHS Medical Test Drone

Testing Fast Tracked for This Week
The use of new technologies in
the coronavirus health crisis is
proving to be increasingly important.
The United Kingdom is starting test trials
this week on using drones to deliver
much needed medical supplies
during the pandemic. The drone delivery
service project is being spearheaded
by the UK's Transport Ministry. They're
fast tracking the effort.  The first
deliveries are going to a hospital
on the Isle of Wight.  The Ministry
also hopes to use drones to deliver
other vital supplies.

British Robots Delivering Groceries
Meanwhile, a fleet of robots on
wheels are delivering groceries
and other vital shopping items
during the UK's coronavirus
lockdown.  For example, the UK 
robot company Starship is providing 
free robot deliveries of groceries to all
NHS health workers in the town 
of Milton Keynes and the 
company is facing rising
demands for expanded service
from the general public.  70, knee
high robots on wheels are on the
roads of the town making needed
deliveries and keeping humans out of
harms way.  Experts forecast that
the use of robots for deliveries and in
the workplace will greatly expand as a
result of the pandemic.

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