Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles

Daimler and Volvo's New Fuel Cell Joint Venture

Source:  Daimler

Toyota's Hydrogen Powered Smart City
Volvo and Mercedes' parent company Daimler
have announced a joint venture to develop
and make hydrogen fuel cell systems for
big, heavy duty trucks - the biggest
polluters on global highways.
Daimler's truck division is spearheading
the effort.  Volvo is pouring in $652 million
for a 50% stake in the venture.  This
new JV is an important look at the
future of greener highways.

Hydrogen's Advantages
Electric vehicles powered by
hydrogen fuel cells have
significant advantages.  They provide
much longer range, quick refueling
times and emit water, not noxious
carbon dioxide pollution.  In Japan,
both Toyota and Honda are selling
fuel cell Electric Vehicles.  In fact,
Toyota, in particular, is betting the
future will be driven by hydrogen
fuel cells.  At the base of Mount
Fuji, Toyota is building a small,
smart city totally powered by 
hydrogen to demonstrate how
effective an energy source hydrogen

Greener Future
Many experts call hydrogen a
big piece of the energy mix of the
future.  But, we still remain some years
away from mass produced and
competitively priced hydrogen fuel

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