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Toyota's New JV in China Source: Stock image of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Focus:  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems Toyota is betting on a hydrogen fueled future.  The Japanese auto giant is launching a new joint venture to build hydrogen fuel cell systems with 5 Chinese automotive companies.  The joint venture will be based in Beijing.  The Chinese automakers include Dongfeng Motors, FAW Group, GAC, Beijing Sinohytec and Beijing Automotive.  An initial $46 million is being invested and Toyota holds a 65% share of the JV Toyota's Hydrogen City Toyota has a major belief in and commitment to hydrogen as an energy source. Today's JV announcement with the 5 Chinese automakers expands upon it. Toyota has introduced its Mirai hydrogen-electric powered car.  And, Toyota is building what it calls the "city of the future" at the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan.  The city will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.  And it will function as a living laboratory for hydrogen power, smart h

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles

Daimler and Volvo's New Fuel Cell Joint Venture Source:  Daimler Toyota's Hydrogen Powered Smart City Volvo and Mercedes' parent company Daimler have announced a joint venture to develop and make hydrogen fuel cell systems for big, heavy duty trucks - the biggest polluters on global highways. Daimler's truck division is spearheading the effort.  Volvo is pouring in $652 million for a 50% stake in the venture.  This new JV is an important look at the future of greener highways. Hydrogen's Advantages Electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells have significant advantages.  They provide much longer range, quick refueling times and emit water, not noxious carbon dioxide pollution.  In Japan, both Toyota and Honda are selling fuel cell Electric Vehicles.  In fact, Toyota, in particular, is betting the future will be driven by hydrogen fuel cells.  At the base of Mount Fuji, Toyota is building a sm