Quibi's Video Streaming Big Launch

Tech & Entertainment Giants Leading It

Source:  QuibiA

1.7 Million Downloads in a Week
The former CEO of eBay and HP Meg Whitman
and entertainment mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg
have just launched a new streaming platform 
called Quibi.  Out of the box, it's a big success. 
A success despite the global
pandemic and economic slowdown.  
In the past week since it launched,
1.7 million people have downloaded
the service.

Very Different Streaming Platform
Quibi, founded by Katzenberg, is
a different streaming model.
Quibi stands for quick bites of
movie quality video of ten minutes or
less.  The video is optimized for
mobile phone viewing. The shows
are completely original and brand
new.  And, it's available internationally.
They say new episodes are 
available everyday. Content is coming 
from directors like Stephen Spielberg and
stars like Jennifer Lopez, Reese
Witherspoon and Will Smith.

Launching in a Pandemic
The timing of this launch could
not have been better or worse.
The world is in lockdown because
of the pandemic, with people 
looking for entertainment. On the
other hand, the economy is
extremely tough with many people 
out of work and with no
discretionary spending money.
Because of the unique times, CEO Whitman 
and Chairman/Founder Katzenberg
decided to launch with a 90
day free trial period.  It has worked
brilliantly, with nearly 2 million on
board. After 90 days, they hope 
streamers will be hooked and
start paying, starting at $4.99
a month.  I

Launching in Tough Times
This is an interesting launch
of a new innovative service facing tough
competitors like Netflex, Disney +
and NBC's Peacock.  


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