Russia Accuses Trump of Planet Stealing Plans

Who Owns Commercial Rights in Space? Planet Snatchers

Source:  NASA

Russia & US Intergalactic War of Words
This could be a script for a new George Lucas 
"Star Wars" movie. But it's not science fiction.  
It's the latest global news on space
and it's a big fight.
The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos has accused
President Donald Trump of creating a basis for 
snatching planets.  At issue is an Executive Order the
President just signed detailing US policy on commercial
mining in space.  From Russia's perspective, the
Executive Order slams the concept that space is 
the property of all of humanity.

At Stake - Intergalactic Money in Trillions of Dollars
Experts believe that the mineral deposits that space 
contains could be worth trillions of dollars.  Mr.
Trump's Order states that the US will negotiate
bilateral and multilateral statements and agreements
on "safe and sustainable operations for the
public and private recovery" of resources in space.  
It adds that the US does not "view space as a
global commons." It appears that Russia's fundamental 
problem is the US is attempting to lead the effort.

Russia Takes Intergalactic Offense
Russia's space agency is sounding the alarm
that the US might "attempt to expropriate outer
space and implement aggressive plans
to actually seize territories on other planets".
Russia says any attempts to privatize space are 

US Position on Space Resources
The White House says it is trying to establish
international support with the US position that
space resources can be used by companies and
organizations.  A US federal law grants
US companies rights to the space resources they
extract.  To be more specific, the US is encouraging
international support for the public and private
recovery and use of resources they discover and
extract in outer space.

NASA's Big Lunar Mission
A key reason behind the President's Executive Order
is to support NASA's long term plans for
exploration of the Moon.  In April 2020, NASA
outlined its plans for sustainable exploration of the
Moon.  The plans include the development of what 
it calls "in-situ" resource utilization technologies
to use water ice and other lunar materials found 
on the Moon to create fuel, oxygen and other materials for
sustainable Moon surface operations.  These
lunar operations would require decreasing amounts
of supplies needed from Earth.

Commercializing Outer Space

This is a brand new chapter in Space that's 
becoming very relevant.  It's about commercializing
the exploration and discovery of mineral assets
in space, that superpowers, including China,
are laying claim to.  Space is a huge
new commercial opportunity 
and global superpowers are vying for their piece of it.


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