Asteroid Discovered Speeding 32,000 mph

European Space Agency Asteroid Find

Source: NASA-ESA Asteroid Image

Space Rock in Earth-Crossing Orbit
The European Space Agency (ESA)
has discovered a huge asteroid
moving at warp speed.  32,000
miles per hour to be exact.
The asteroid is a big one with a
diameter of 262 feet.  That's about 
the size of a commercial aircraft
wing tip to wing tip.  ESA has
named the space rock 2020 Ft3
and they've added it to their Risk List
of asteroids that could hit Earth.

2089 - 2110 Timeframe
2020 Ft3 follows an Earth-crossing
orbit, making it a member of the
Apollo family of asteroids.  The
space rock is world's away from
Earth.  ESA believes the chances
of it striking the Earth are very 
small.  And, they and NASA have
calculated, if by some slight
chance it were to hit, it would 
not happen before 2089.  They 
add, the remote possibility of a strike
would be between 2089 and

Asteroid Defense System
NASA and the ESA are currently
working on an asteroid defense
strategy to use spacecraft to collide
with any threatening asteroids and 
bump them off  course, if headed toward 

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