NASA's Moon Shot

Tiny Rovers, Tiny Payloads, Tiny Instruments

Source:  NASA

Big Science: NASA Wants Your Ideas
NASA has plans to send tiny robotic
rovers to the Moon.  In order to do
this, NASA needs to develop miniature
scientific payloads for the
tiny rovers.  NASA is formally
asking the public for their

Game Changing Science
This is not fun and games.
NASA expects the winning ideas
that come through this public process 
will be game changing  They
believe the smaller payloads will
result in a series of miniaturized
instruments and sensors that
can quickly be used for
lunar exploration and for
harvesting the resources 
found there.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab
has launched a crowdsourcing
project on HeroX.  It's called
"Honey, I shrunk the NASA
payload".  Specifically, NASA
is looking for small instrument design
concepts to sustain human life on the
Moon and also to use the
resources found there.

Prize Money
The instrument concepts have
to be about the size of a
Milky Way candy bar or a bar of
soap:  3.9" by 3.9" by 1.9" and
weigh no more than 0.8 ounces.
The deadline for submissions is
June 1, 2020.  At stake is
scientific glory and a piece of
$160,000 in prize money across
several categories. This tiny
rover program is additional to
NASA's water ice-hunting robot
VIPER that is set to launch in

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