Mind Reading Artificial Intelligence System

Turning Brain Activity to Text

Source:  Stock Image of the Brain

97% Accuracy Rate
Researchers at the University of California
San Francisco have created a new artificial
intelligence system that literally reads the
mind with 97% accuracy.  The AI translates
brain activity into complete sentences.  This
is a huge breakthrough in innovation.  Nothing
has come close to this AI system.  Previous
systems attempting to "read your mind" were
only 70% intelligible.  

Machine Translation
The researchers developed their system
by mimicking machine translation.  They
realized there are strong parallels between
translating brain signals to text and machine
translations between languages using neural
networks. Machine translation does an entire
sentence at once.  They designed their  new 
AI system to convert brain activity into
full sentences.  In fact, it can translate from
human brain waves 30 to 50 sentences that
use basic vocabulary words.

Many Potential Uses
The scientists believe this approach could be
invaluable for people who can't speak. Their
thoughts could be converted to text.  In the 
future we may be able to type a document by
simply thinking.  The scientists envision the
eventual telepathic control of our devices by 
our thoughts.

Under Development
This new AI system needs continued development 
before we're able to control devices by just thinking.
The volunteers involved in developing the 
first system had electrodes in their brains. That
allowed the AI system to build correlations
between brain activity and sentences.  To enable
widespread use, a non-implant brain-machine AI
system would be ideal. 

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