Starlink Constellation of Internet Satellites

Source:  NASA

Launchdate - Tomorrow April 22
SpaceX plans to launch its seventh group of
Starlink Satellites on April 22, 2020.
The batch of 60 new satellites will join
thousands already in orbit.  Starlink is entrepreneur
Elon Musk's system to deliver broadband internet 
connectivity to the world and provide faster and
stronger communications services.

New FCC Request From Musk for Starlink
Musk has just sought US Federal Communications
Commission approval to operate all of his
4,400 first generation Starlink sats at a lower 
level than previously approved.  The request is
for approved orbits at 550 kilometers for some 
of the launched satellites. Most of his sats had 
been okayed for about 1200 kilometers orbit
above the Earth.  One reason cited by
SpaceX for this request is that it will result in 
less space debris. Because at a lower altitude,
expended satellites would be pulled to Earth by
gravity over 25 years.  That's an interesting 
prospect for the FCC to consider.  In all, Musk plans
to launch 12,000 satellites to build his
global broadband network.

Starlink Images
NASA just released the image (above) of Starlink
internet satellites and their faint light
trails orbiting over the Earth's
lime-green auroras.  The tiny satellites' trails
were shot by an astronaut aboard the International
Space Station (ISS).  The ISS was cruising over
the southern Indian Ocean at an altitude of
231 nautical miles.  This image shows that even
at immense distances, we are all so visible and
together in the Universe. 
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