Apple Site to Slow COVID Spread

New Data Site for Mobility Trends
Source:  Apple Mobility Trends

Tracking Global Movements to Slow Spread
Apple and Google are taking leading roles
in using technology to stop the
spread of the coronavirus.
Several days ago, they announced
they're jointly developing contact
tracing technology through their
global smartphone networks to
stop the spread of the disease.
3 billion people worldwide use 
their phones.  Now, Apple just 
announced that it's building a
site to release data, designed to
help public health officials
know if people are travelling
less during lockdown orders.

Apple Maps
Apple is doing this by
comparing Apple Map requests
in mid-January, before the pandemic
hit, with current daily requests.
This documents the volumes of 
people driving, walking and
taking public transit in places
around the world.  The data is
updated daily.  It covers
major cities and 63 nations.

Personal Privacy
Apple says the data is in the
aggregate.  It is not tracking
individuals.  And it's available
It shows for instance in San Francisco
that driving direction requests are
now down 70% since mid-January.
And in NYC, public transit requests
are down 90%.

Google Data
Google is also making extensive data
available to public health
authorities.  It is tracking 
movement in 131 countries, including 
travel to work, grocery stores,
travel on buses and trains.  This
is all about the power of data and
technology helping to fight a
deadly virus. 
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