Robots Helping in Pandemic

Smart Robotic Field Hospital

Source:  CloudMinds

Caregiving Robots on the Frontlines
With the insidious contagion of the
coronavirus pandemic, robots are being
increasingly used on the frontlines
of COVID 19 patient care.
Caregiving robots are fast,
efficient and "contagion proof".
With medical staff supervising
remotely, they keep doctors and
nurses out of harms way.

Wuhan Smart Field Hospital
Wuhan, China is where the 
global pandemic started. 
In a smart field hospital, they
temporarily used a team of
robots to care for COVID 19
patients.  The robots communicated
with the patients, served them
meals and took their temperatures.
The robots were managed by
the medical team remotely. The
patients also wore wristbands that
gathered their blood pressure and
other vitals. The patients remained
in the field hospital for just a few

Future of Medicine
This field hospital in China is a glimpse
at the future of medicine during
global pandemics.  Robots
directly in contact with infected
patients while health care providers
supervise and manage from safe
distances.  The robots deployed were
made by CloudMinds, with operations 
in California and Beijing. The
company says the robots "completely
ran the field hospital".  No health
care workers were exposed but
still in control of the robotic team.

Global Pattern
Because of the coronavirus, the
use of medical robots is on the
rise.  In some Singapore hospitals,
robots are delivering meals and
medication to COVID patients.
Hospital patients in Israel,
Thailand and elsewhere met with
robots to consult with their
doctors via live videoconferencing.
Robotic machines are being used
to scan for viruses, location to location,
and to disinfect facilities from
viruses and bacteria.  It's a new
world. And robots are a key.
They don't cough and sneeze.

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