Europe's Extraterrestrial SAT

ESA SAT To Explore Jupiter & Its Moons

Source:  ESA

JUICE'S Search for Signs of Alien Life
The European Space Agency (ESA) is
putting the final touches on a new
spacecraft specifically designed to search
for alien life.  The first place that it will search
for extraterrestrial life is Jupiter and its Moons.
The spacecraft is called JUICE or Jupiter 
Icy Moons Explorer.  JUICE's purpose is
to find alien life or determine if the planet and its
Moons are capable of sustaining life.
This is yet another example of
how seriously global space agencies,
are taking the search for life beyond Earth.
NASA with its upcoming Mars probe
is leading the exploration along with ESA.

JUICE's Timeline
Right now in Germany, JUICE is being
outfitted with highly advanced
communications systems, navigation
sensors and onboard computers.
Next stop is The Netherlands, where
it will go through rigorous testing.
JUICE's launch is set for June 2022.

Underwater Alien Life
ESA is targeting for exploration by
JUICE three of Jupiter's 79 Moons.
The reason is the 3 Moons have the
perfect environments to support
water and oceans.  ESA scientists
are especially interested to determine
if those oceans hold alien life
forms in underwater environments.  

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