Apple's Launching New 2020 Products

Redesigning the iPhone

Source:  Stock Smartphone image

2020 New Product Launches
Despite the global coronavirus
pandemic, Apple is moving forward
with a number of new products
and product modifications. Of most
importance, it's redesigning the
iPhone this year.  Reports indicate
2, new iPhonePro models with
3 cameras on the back.  And the
screens are expected to be
slightly larger.  These smart phones
will also have new iPodPro's LIDAR, 
3-D scanning systems.  There are
also reports that the iPhone 11 will
be replaced by 2 lower end, 2
camera models.

More New Products
In the second quarter of 2020,
Apple is expected to release a
smaller, less expensive
HomePod speaker.  There are
also expectations of new versions
of Apple TV, MacBookPro
and a new entry level iPAD.
Some exciting new tech to look
forward to and check out.


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