COVID-19 Treatment Discovery

Chinese Scientists Developing Promising Treatment

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"Extremely Effective" Antibodies Discovered to Fight the Disease
A team of Chinese scientists at Tsinghau University in Beijing have isolated several antibodies that are "extremely effective" at blocking the coronavirus from entering cells.  They believe they may be on the right track for treating and even preventing the disease.  Globally, more than 850,000 have been infected by COVID-19 and 42,000 have died.  To date, there is no known, effective and proven treatment for the disease which originated in Wuhan, China

Next Steps to Mass Production
The team analyzed blood from patients who recovered from the coronavirus.  They pinpointed 206  antibodies with a strong  ability to bind with the virus' protein. Of that group 4 antibodies blocked the virus from entering cells and two are exceedingly effective at doing that.  The Chinese scientists are now working on combining the most powerful antibodies. The scientists say that the next step is for interested developers to mass produce the antibodies for testing.  The testing will begin with animals and testing on humans could begin within six months.

Brii Bio
The University team of scientists is working with the US-Sino biotech company Brii Biosciences, headquartered in Durhan, North Carolina.  Brii Bio specializes in the research and development of medicines for infectious, lung and liver diseases. The goal is to quickly develop multiple therapeutic candidates for effective treatment.


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