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COVID-19 Treatment Discovery

Chinese Scientists Developing Promising Treatment Source:  Stock image of coronavirus "Extremely Effective" Antibodies Discovered to Fight the Disease A team of Chinese scientists at Tsinghau University in Beijing have isolated several antibodies that are "extremely effective" at blocking the coronavirus from entering cells.  They believe they may be on the right track for treating and even preventing the disease.  Globally, more than 850,000 have been infected by COVID-19 and 42,000 have died.  To date, there is no known, effective and proven treatment for the disease which originated in Wuhan, China Next Steps to Mass Production The team analyzed blood from patients who recovered from the coronavirus.  They pinpointed 206  antibodies with a strong  ability to bind with the virus' protein. Of that group 4 antibodies blocked the virus from entering cells and two are exceedingly effective at doing that.  The Chinese scientists are now work

Olympic 2020 Games Must Go On

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Update Source:  Tokyo 2020 Olympics Emergency Meeting The International Olympic Committee just announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will not be cancelled.  The IOC just concluded an emergency meeting on Sunday.  This as global coronavirus cases have catapulted past 300,000 and the death toll in Italy alone jumped 800 in the past day. While there will be no cancellation, the IOC is stepping up their "scenario planning" for the Games and a postponement is officially on the table. Delaying the Games The Games are set to start July 24, 2020. The IOC will hold detailed discussions to possibly push back the kick-off date. They added cancellation wouldn't help anyone or solve any problems. So cancellation is not on their agenda. Mounting Pressure on the IOC Growing numbers of global athletes, teams and federations are calling for a delay in the Olympics as the pandemic spreads in virtually every corner of the world.  The IOC is facing mounting

New Tech Said to Kill Coronavirus

GermFalcon Said to Kill Coronavirus on Aircraft Source:  GermFalcon World on Edge as Virus Relentlessly Spreads In the past twenty four hours, dramatic action has been taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  The World Health Organization has put the world on notice that the coronavirus is now a pandemic.  Major universities like Harvard, MIT and Boston University have ended regular classes and shifted those classes to online.  President Trump has put extensive travel restrictions into place including no flights coming to the US from Europe for at least thirty days.  And, the NBA has ended its basketball season in the US.  Now, comes a glimmer of hope.  A US company - Dimer UVC Innovations of Los Angeles  - says it has developed a machine that kills dangerous viruses with ultra-violet light. Three Minutes and Germ Free The GermFalcon uses a UV-C light system to kill deadly viruses like the Coronavirus inside  airplanes.  The device is not robotic as the

NEWS: Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

Moderna New Vaccine Goes to National Institutes of Health Source:  Novel Coronavirus Ready for Phase One Human Trials While the deadly Coronavirus continues to take its toll globally, a new vaccine offering hope for prevention is on its way to the NIH in Washington, DC.  This is the first Coronavirus vaccine going into clinical trials by the NIH.  Moderna, a biotech company specializing in vaccines & headquartered in Cambridge, MA, has invented what it calls  the mRNA-1273 vaccine to prevent the Coronavirus infection.  The NIH is going to begin Phase 1 trials for human use.  Turnaround time and availability could be within a year Overnight Share Price Lift Moderna announced that it was shipping the vaccine to the NIH last night.  The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ.  In overnight trading, Moderna shares were up 15% on the news.  Over the past few years, the company has created more than 100 vaccines and therapies for clinical trials. Fear of the Coronav