New Tech Said to Kill Coronavirus

GermFalcon Said to Kill Coronavirus on Aircraft

Source:  GermFalcon

World on Edge as Virus Relentlessly Spreads
In the past twenty four hours, dramatic action has been taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  The World Health Organization has put the world on notice that the coronavirus is now a pandemic.  Major universities like Harvard, MIT and Boston University have ended regular classes and shifted those classes to online.  President Trump has put extensive travel restrictions into place including no flights coming to the US from Europe for at least thirty days.  And, the NBA has ended its basketball season in the US.  Now, comes a glimmer of hope.  A US company - Dimer UVC Innovations of Los Angeles  - says it has developed a machine that kills dangerous viruses with ultra-violet light.

Three Minutes and Germ Free
The GermFalcon uses a UV-C light system to kill deadly viruses like the Coronavirus inside  airplanes.  The device is not robotic as the company had originally planned.  It's manipulated by humans.  The company says it takes just three minutes for the machine to use its mercury lamps to bathe the cabin of an aircraft with ultra-violet light and kill any deadly viruses onboard.  The machine was just announced this week.  If it stands up to its billing, this piece of UV-C innovation has arrived at just the right time. The company claims it wipes out 99.99% of germs and is nontoxic and nonallergenic for humans.  They have similar systems to sanitize classrooms, hospitals and hotels.


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