The Electric Vehicle For Everyone

Citroen's Ami: 100% Electric, Ultra Compact Car

Source:  Citroen Amid 

Very Affordably Priced
This is a fun piece of urban electric mobility.  Citroen just introduced Ami, its all electric, sub-compact electric car, in France.  It's not much bigger than an enclosed  scooter.  The two seater may be the electric car for everyone who needs to get around, particularly in crowded urban areas. It is very affordably priced.

No License Required
The vehicle gets 44 miles on a charge and has a top speed of 28 mph.  The battery takes 3 hours to recharge.  Citroen says that Ami is agile, ultra-compact and protective of the driver and passenger. The interior is equipped with a heater for use when needed.  What's amazing is that in France, it's accessible to anyone 14 years or older.  In much of Europe, it's expected to be available to those 16 years or older with or without a license.

$22.00 Per Month to Rent
Ami is the world's most affordable, zero emissions EV.  You can buy it for $6500.  Or you can rent it for $22.00 a month for two years.  The down-payment for the rental is said to be a little "hefty".  At any rate, it's an electric version of a people's car.  Ami being ordered will be delivered in France by June.  And the EV will soon be available in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.  


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